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Product Description

ROAR 610 Express™ System

Why use the Express System?

Roar 610 Express™ System with the advent of the latest Rapid air dry, SR and UHS paint systems, the “Express Applicator” is a natural addition to our other foam applicator pads. This offers the end user even more flexibility and choice. The 610 express system delivers increased cutting action particularly on the new generation – harder paint systems, without the need to invest in additional or new compounds. One compound, four applicators! Simple! Cost effective! Delivering ultimate process efficiency!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the ROAR Express Applicator Pad require a special compound?

No! The pad has been developed specifically to use with our current 610 compound system.

We want our end users and stockists to avoid the costly installation of another compound or starter kit. as specified by some of our competitors.


What applications will benefit using the Express Applicator Pad ?

The Express Applicator Pad provides more initial cut when using over HS, UHS and SR refinish systems. It is also beneficial when used on fast curing air dry clearcoats and UHS direct gloss.


Does the Express Applicator Pad replace the ROAR CFH Foam Applicator?

NO! Our range of foam pads still provide the best compromise between cut and finish when used with ROAR 610. The Express Applicator Pad can give a greater initial cut, however it will require a second step on darker colours. This will entail the use of a foam pad.


Is this type of pad new technology?

NO! This type of pad has been available in Japan and parts of Asia for over 30 years. It has also been used extensively in the tier one manufactures OEM sectors.


Why have ROAR launched the  Express Applicator Pad?

This pad is already available to our Asian customers as an integral part of their process. With the advent of the latest Air dry, OE Ceramic, SR and UHS paint systems it is a natural addition to our current foam applicators. This offers the end user even more flexibility and choice. ONE COMPOUND – MULTIPLE APPLICATORS.


Do I need to follow a special process with the Express Applicator Pad?

In order to achieve optimum performance we recommend following the process attached or simply follow the link to our YouTube video.


Does the Express Applicator Pad produce more heat than foam?

No, when used correctly the Express Applicator Pad will generate less heat than foam.


Can the Express Applicator Pad be used on fresh paint?

Yes, if the paint has been dried correctly to manufacturer specification the Express Applicator Pad can be used. However we do not recommend the Express Applicator Pad for Medium Solids refinish systems.


Roar 610 Express™ System Catalogue/ Process Chart 📙
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610 Express System™ Key Products:
• 610 Extreme Cut Compound, 1kg (order no.:610)
• 610 Express Pad, 6 inch (order no.: 610EXP)
• Compounding Foam Hard, 6 inch (order no.: 610CFH)
• 880 ROAR QC Liquid, 1L (order no.: 880-10)

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