610 Express™ Applicator Kit

Product Description

610 Express™ Applicator Kit

Item no.: 610EAK  

Size: 6 inch Diameter

Box set included:  610 Express Pad x 1 , Compounding Foam Hard x 1


 610 Express Pad

(Item no.: 610EXP)

•  Express Cutting Action

•  Significant Increase in process  speed

•  Designed For use with Current 610    Compound

•   HS, UHS, SR & Air Dry Paints compatible

•  No increase in panel temp

Remove P1500 sanding marks or finer



Compounding Foam Hard

(Item no.: 610CFH)

• Quick Cutting Action

•  Bespoke cell structure

•  Cool operation

•  Produces High Gloss Finish

Refine finish and remove swirls


Roar 610 Express™ System with the advent of the latest Rapid air dry, SR and UHS paint systems, the “Express Applicator” is a natural addition to our other foam applicator pads. This offers the end user even more flexibility and choice. The 610 express system delivers increased cutting action particularly on the new generation – harder paint systems, without the need to invest in additional or new compounds. One compound, four applicators! Simple! Cost effective! Delivering ultimate process efficiency!

Roar 610 Express™ System Catalogue/ Process Chart 📙


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